Jane Stubbs

Jane Stubbs studied English at London University. She went on to teach the subject to a variety of ages in colleges and schools. As well as raising a family, she has worked for various charities, has written a weekly column for a Scottish newspaper, and has won prizes for her short stories.



Jane Eyre retold from the point of view of the servants is the brilliant premise of Thornfield Hall. The perfect read to curl up with.
Good Housekeeping

This is a richly detailed imagining of the secretive below-stairs life of the characters in Brontë's classic. Stubbs has done a wonderful job of adding her own stamp to a well-known and much-loved tale, while creating a believing and engaging extension of the original novel... Jane Eyre devotee or not, this is a lively and exciting read that'll keep you turning the pages well into the small hours

The intersecting lives of the housekeeper and her fragile charge make for an interesting study of women's vulnerability in the period and also their resourcefulness... With nuanced characterisation, intelligent plotting and respect for the original, this reimagining casts an inquisitive "what if" eye on one of 19th-century literature's most intriguing characters.
The Lady

Thoroughly enjoyable

Compelling, surprising and beautifully written, the story behind Jane Eyre told from the
hidden and secretive world of those below stairs.

Elisabeth Gifford, author of Secrets of the Sea House