Isabelle Saporta

Isabelle Saporta is an investigative journalist and documentary film-maker. In 2011, she published The Black Book of Agriculture, which sold more than 60,000 copies in France alone. Vino Business is her first book to be translated into English. She lives in Paris.



Some sharp critiques and a few shocking revelations.
Wall Street Journal

Vino Business reveals the seedy business side of the romantic world of French wine.
Washington Post

Gossip as poisonous as pesticides, anonymous informants, rampant greed. . . the latest primetime TV drama? No, it's just St.-Émilion... A new book, Vino Business, by French journalist Isabelle Saporta, has caused a firestorm for its criticism of the French wine trade... If it's causing this much uproar... "it's because she put her finger on the sore spot."
Wine Spectator

Isabelle Saporta bases the book on a true investigation, field work that cannot be contested, work that many of her detractors, the people who snipe at her from behind their keyboards, would do well to be inspired by.
Le Point

The author, investigative journalist Isabelle Saporta, doesn't hold back in questioning the French institutions and traditions that the country's wine industry prides itself on. She's also forthright in her writing on certain individuals. . . The book is a juicy read.

Judging by the reaction to its publication it seems that this book, which concludes that more transparency is needed regarding the fabrication and classification of these great wines, is asking the right questions.
Le Parisien