Gabby Darcy

The Roadie: John D'Arcy is a legendary Australian roadie, though no one - except his mum and the police - has ever called him 'John'. To the Australian music community, he is Darcy or Darce. After being the roadie for Bon Scott's first major band, The Valentines, Darcy worked with many Australian bands, including Healing Force, and he worked on Leo Sayer's first Australian tour. As The Masters Apprentices' Jim Keays acknowledged, Darcy was there for 'the birth of it all [with a] wide grin, a joint in one hand, spanner in the other, as he got ready for another big night'.

The Fan: Gabby D'Arcy was just fourteen when she met The Valentines. Two years later, she started going out with the band's roadie, Darcy. More than forty-five years later, they are still together. It's one of rock'n'roll's most remarkable relationships, and they are the proud parents of Rebecca and Matt. Matt is the drummer in Rival Fire, a band fronted by Rob Farnham.

The Soulmate: Mary Renshaw is a Melbourne fashion designer. She was a teenager when she met Bon Scott at a Valentines gig in 1967. Bon admired the beads Mary was wearing and asked if she could make him some. They were friends from that day on.