David Rollins

David Rollins was born in Sydney and still lives there. On leaving school he applied to join the air force, but luckily for both parties was rejected. He became a journalist, and then an advertising copywriter, and after twenty years he sat down to write his first novel. He's still writing.



Slam-bang mystery-action thriller. Rollins can tell a story all right
The Age

A white-knuckle read on a par with anything that James Patterson or Nelson DeMille might offer
Library Journal

A thumping good page-turner... takes off from page one and never lets up. A rollicking ride and Rollins has made the action as authentic as possible. Essential reading for any plane flight. Highly recommended
Sun Herald

Sucked me right in... punchy, Chandleresque wit... take this one to the beach and you'll leave with sunburn
Sydney Morning Herald