Dan Fesperman

Dan Fesperman is a former reporter for the Baltimore Sun and a published author of several thrillers. The plots were inspired by the author's own international assignments in countries such as Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.



A first-class thriller that explores how drones may spell the end of privacy... Unmanned reads as the real world of Edward Snowden pollinated with the fictional world of Dave Eggers's novel The Circle. There is no escape.Raymond Bonner
Financial Times

Fesperman writes topical thrillers that probe beyond the headlines, and he asks questions about future developments: not just the ethics of long-range, video-game-like warfare, but the danger of rogue spooks using drones for their own ends.
Sunday Times

Part first-class techno thriller, part intriguing spy novel, Unmanned is a timely reminder of the dangers of deadly new technology when it falls into the wrong hands.
Irish Independent

Fesperman builds the prospect of a seriously scary future that's starting right now. Unmanned is a fine thriller which will have you staring at the skies a lot more than you would have done before you started it.
Weekend Sport

A new book by Dan Fesperman is becoming a major literary event
Sunday Telegraph

A tantalizing, timely thriller
Washington Post

A thought-provoking and exciting read

One of the best writers of intelligent thrillers based on contemporary events working today...observant, thoughtful, witty
Baltimore Sun

A new book by Dan Fesperman is becoming a major literary event . . . an utterly compelling thriller and quite simply the best I've read all year.
Sunday Telegraph

Fesperman is the closest thing America has to John le Carré, a writer of great elegance and sophistication whose novels are as topical as they are compelling.