Chico Buarque

Born 1944 in Rio de Janeiro, Chico Buarque, is a singer, guitarist, composer, dramatist, writer and poet. Although he first made his name as a musician, in 1968 Buarque was imprisoned by the Brazilian dictatorship for writing and composing the existential play Roda Viva. During the 1970s and 1980s, he collaborated with other atists in protest against the dictatorship. He is the author of numerous novels; in 2010 Spilt Milk won both of Brazil's leading literary prizes, the Prêmio Jabuti and the Prêmio Portugal Telecom. He lives in Rio de Janeiro.



Spilt Milk confirms Buarque as one of the most remarkable contemporary authors... It is one of the outstanding Brazilian novels of our time
Financial Times

An exceptionally vivid picture of Brazilian high society... an absorbing, if bitter, meditation on Brazil
Sunday Telegraph

Try to imagine that Bob Dylan and Ian McEwan were the same person. That's Buarque
Sunday Times