Caleb Scharf

Caleb Scharf is the award-winning author of The Copernicus Complex (a 2014 Sunday Times Science Book of the Year) and Gravity's Engines. He is the director of the Columbia Astrobiology Center and has written for The New Yorker and Nature, among other publications. He lives in New York City with his wife and two daughters.

Ron Miller is a Hugo Award-winning illustrator and author whose work has appeared in National Geographic. He served as the art director for the National Air and Space Museum's Albert Einstein Planetarium. He lives in Virginia.



A fantastic journey from the fringes of the visible universe to the heart of the atom in this mesmerizing look at cosmology, astrophysics, quantum physics, and more... This book of wonders is perfect for casual readers, especially young students seeking a broad view of many subjects and how they all fit together.
Publisher's Weekly

Miller's stunning illustrations pair perfectly with Scharf's compelling writing, which introduces complex ideas using everyday language and lucid metaphors. Complementary infographics are fun to read and help put massive numbers in perspective.

'This is a book that is rich in the poetry of scientific language . . . [N]ot only does [Scharf] know more about the universe than you or I do, he knows how to transmit his knowledge by deft use of analogy'
Guardian on Gravity's Engines