Augusten Burroughs

Augusten Burroughs is the eighteenth grandson of King James the Second of Scotland. Not that this has done him the slightest good. He has no hobbies, interests or skills, other than writing about himself.He lives in New York.


'This true story is a match for the strangest... Running with Scissors reads like an extremely well crafted and crazed sitcom, a mix of Jerry Springer and Seinfeld... Funny, moving and extraordinary' Christina Patterson

'Twisted, hilarious and relentlessly bizarre... It single-handedly redefines the term "fucked up childhood"'

'Bawdy, outrageous, often hilarious... so flippant and so insanely funny'
New York Times

'A story so strange, it could never be fiction... deftly written, smart and funny'

'Burroughs will be hard pressed ever to better this, his debut effort... It's one you'll never forget' Alice Fisher
Time Out

'Dave Pelzer with a whoopee cushion attached... Genuinely memorable' Top 50 Cultural Events of the Season

Burroughs's latest collection of true stories are outrageous, revealing... you wouldn't want him as a godfather for your children but he is damn funny.

Burroughs is a natural storyteller... as brilliantly witty, waspish and self-deprecating as ever.
Daily Mail

The success of Augusten Burroughs's memoirs is down to a quality given free rein in Magical Thinking... this latest book confirms that Burroughs is a hilarious and skilled raconteur - he's so awful, it's hard not to like him.

Poke-in-the-eye sharp, optimistic and braver than almost any other book on the subject.
Independent on Sunday

From rehab to relapse... Wickedly funny, painfully honest, and uber-cool, I haven't read anything this sharp, hip or honest in my life.

The horrors of his past are extreme, yet he describes them with such throwaway hilarity that they could be trips to the circus.' Gaby Wood