Adrian Addison

Adrian Addison is a freelance journalist. He has worked as a staff reporter for the News of the World and The Sun and later as the News Editor on the Today programme and an investigative reporter on the BBC Six O'Clock News. He lives in Barcelona.



Tremendous... A very timely and important account of a modern phenomenon... A damned good read
Stephen Fry

Mail Men tells you all you need to know about the inner workings of the paper that brings politicians quaking to beg its favour. This well-informed, diamond-sharp analysis of the Mail phenomenon explains why it dominates England's political culture... A riveting read
Polly Toynbee

A wonderfully gossipy and detailed account of the paper's history and an assessment of its current success... What a waste nobody has turned the early years of the Daily Mail into a television miniseries
The Sunday Times

Riotously entertaining... [Many] will find that Addison has written the exposé of the Mail that they always wanted to read
New Statesman

An illuminating history... which charts the Mail's journey from pioneer to pillar of the British media industry
The Financial Times

A rollicking, often compelling read

A gripping and very funny account of the newspaper [that] reveals its brutal brilliance ... surprisingly jaunty... The portrait of the Mail he paints shows that the newspaper is not as bad as some people say: it is even worse.
Prospect magazine

Excellent... The inside story of how the Daily Mail became a much-feared national institution
Choice magazine