The Delivery Man

Joe McGinniss

RRP: £9.99

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843547310

Las Vegas is a city of bright lights and dreams-come-true. But for Chase it’s a nightmare. When he finds out that his bewitching first love, Michele, is working for an escort agency, he also discovers that old feelings die hard. He has to be near her, to protect her. And so, recklessly, he agrees to become her driver, delivering her and the other girls to the condos and hotel suites of men all over town.

But as the stakes get higher, things start to spiral out of control. Everything around Chase screams run. And, except for Michele and the secret that haunts them both, he might. For him she’s like a drug, his desire for her compelling him to stay, even in the face of impending danger. Sexy, soulful and charging towards its terrifying conclusion, The Delivery Man is a love story for our times.