Love in Mid Air

Kim Wright

RRP: £10.99

1 February 2011

Published by Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781742375311

Thirty-something Elyse is happy with her life. That is to say, she’s not actively unhappy. She’s got a perfectly nice husband, child, home and life and knows she should be grateful for what she’s got. Returning home one day from a work trip, she meets an attractive married man on a plane and-intensely, quickly, unexpectedly-she steps through all the instincts that say ‘no’ and instead lets ‘yes’ happen.

There are consequences for her, her husband, her child and her circle of close friends, all of whom have an investment in her life continuing as normal. But things will never be the same again-and was ‘normal’ what she really wanted after all? Sexy, smart and thought-provoking, Love in Mid Air is a witty, sharp, bittersweet plum of a book, all bite and juice.

‘Funny, sexy, heartbreaking, wise, Love in Mid Air is the kind of novel you will stay up late for. It is not simply the story of a divorce, the story of an affair, the story of one woman caught between two men; it is a delicate exploration of the pull that almost every woman will feel at some point in her life for the unhindered freedom of something more.’ – Dawn Clifton Tripp, author of Season of Open Water