Islam's Black Slaves

Ronald Segal

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Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781903809815

Everyone has heard of the Atlantic Trade, in which millions of Africans were transported to the Americas by Europeans to work as slaves. However, there is another slave trade, previously neglected by historians, which matches the European one in scale and massively exceeds it in duration.

Islam’s Black Slaves tells the horrifying story of the Islamic slave trade. It traces the business of slavery from Islam’s inception in the seventh century, through to today, where in Sudan and Mauritania, Africans continue to be bought and sold. The book also examines why the existence of this other black diaspora has been denied for so long. It is a highly original account of a previously untold story.

‘Well weighed and well judged… Ronald Segal has turned his attention in Islam’s Black Slaves to the even larger subject of slavery and slave-trading in eastern latitudes with his usual competence, careful judgment and a shrewd accuracy.’ Basil Davidson, Los Angeles Times

‘A very shocking secret history’ The Times

‘An excellent book…[Ronald Segal] steers through potential controversy with his customary weapons of irony and commitment… Segal emerges courageously and triumphantly.’ Richard Gott, Literary Review

‘A meticulously researched book.’ Mary Russell, Irish Times
‘An effective, accessible synthesis about the slavery of the Islamic world – which, compared to American slavery, has been much neglected…Immensely useful.’ Stephen Howe, New Statesman