Bo Lidegaard

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7 May 2015

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ISBN: 9781782391487

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6 March 2014

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6 March 2014

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The rescue of the Danish Jews from Nazi persecution in October 1943 is a unique exception to the tragic history of the Holocaust. Over fourteen harrowing days, as they were helped, hidden and protected by ordinary people who spontaneously rushed to save their fellow citizens, an incredible 7,742 out of 8,200 Jewish refugees were smuggled out all along the coast – on ships, schooners, fishing boats, anything that floated – to Sweden.

Now, for the first time, Bo Lidegaard brings together decades of research and new evidence, including unpublished diaries and documents of families forced to run for safety and of those who courageously came to their aid, to tell this story of ordinary glory, of simple courage and moral fortitude that shines out in the midst of the terrible history of the twentieth century and demonstrates how it was possible for a small and fragile democracy to stand against the Third Reich.


The rescue of the Danish Jews is surely one of the most extraordinary - and genuinely moving - stories of the last century... A tremendously stirring bookDominic Sandbrook
Sunday Times

Magisterial... The story Lidegaard tells of how Danes, from the top bureaucrats, Church leaders and police officials down to the humblest fishermen, helped the Jews escape when the Germans tried to deport them to concentration camps in October 1943, is indeed astonishing and heart-warming.Ian Buruma

Based on contemporary diaries written by a number of Danish Jews, Lidegaard has written of exactly how the escape of two families was planned and carried out, hour by tense hour. It is as exciting as any spy thrillerRichard Overy
Sunday Telegraph

It is an inspirational saga, one in which decency and democracy defeat the forces of darkness, and it is superbly told by Bo Lidegaard... Once the drama kicks in, it turns almost into a thriller, with a handful of first-person stories woven into the larger political machinationsIan Birrell
Mail on Sunday

Magnificent... An intensely human account of one episode in the persecution of European Jews that ended in survival.Michael Ignatieff
New Statesman

Lucid, compelling and scrupulously fair... Combines all the immediacy of personal drama with an unerring sense of the wider implications of Denmark's achievementDavid Crane

Countrymen is extraordinary. I will not soon forget this epic of decency, this saga of humanism saving lives. The idea of humanism has been under attack for so long now, as false and sentimental and impotent, as insufficiently radical to make a difference, that it is stirring to be given a grand example of the opposite case - of a clear, muscular, brave, and effective humanism, and in the whole of a society. Bo Lidegaard's moving and meticulous book is itself an expression of the idealism that it documents.Leon Wieseltier

I absolutely loved this book. It's a great story, both heartening and human, which tells of how some Germans behaved better than expected, and shows how decency can prevail in the hardest of times. It's a book to be recommended to anyone who has a deeply cynical view of human nature, but also to anyone who wants to see how people can behave brilliantly and how political and moral norms can hold against extremism, bullying, violence and threats.Julia Neuberger

This is a tense, inspiring story of the resistance to oppression by a united people