All This in 60 Minutes

For more than thirty years Nicholas Lee worked as a cameraman on 60 Minutes, Australia’s most-respected and most-watched current affairs program.

All This in 60 Minutes is the revealing and often hilarious memoir of his time with the show – of the crazy days of unlimited expense accounts, unbelievably expensive hotels, the fun and fear on the road, the terrifying plane rides and the refugee camps and war zones.

It goes inside the IRA, Idi Amin’s torture cells, Israeli terrorist interrogations, royal palaces and mud huts. It recounts unforgettable trips on B52s, ultra lights, mock helicopters and the Orient Express. And details late, crazy nights with weird food, strange alcoholic concoctions and drugs on rollercoasters, as well as the madness and difficulty of being on the road for up to eight weeks with three other people who sometimes don’t get on. And of course it wouldn’t be 60 Minutes without all the meeting and mixing with the famous and infamous – from presidents, rock stars, despots, kings and princes, to showgirls, pygmies and manic, charismatic gurus.

All This in 60 Minutes is compelling, funny and utterly eye-opening.