The First Six Weeks

Highly experienced midwife Cathryn Curtin has delivered and looked after babies for forty years. Over those four decades she’s come to understand how the first six weeks after birth are vital in setting up habits that create long-term, lifelong benefits and get both baby and parents off to the best possible start.

In this essential and easy-to-follow book, Midwife Cath brings you all of her knowledge and experience. From teaching your baby how to sleep and eat, to advice on how you can cope with the sudden changes your baby will bring to your life, The First Six Weeks addresses the major concerns of parents of newborns and helps them with all the key aspects of their baby’s life.

The Gift of Sleep

Getting a baby to sleep through the night is the dream of every parent, but unsettled, broken nights are more often the reality.

Elizabeth Sloane has been giving babies aged six months and over the gift of sleep for over 20 years. With a three-night program designed to lovingly correct any unhealthy sleep habits your child may have developed, Elizabeth’s methods have helped break the cycles of sleeplessness, emotional exhaustion and frustration for thousands of babies and their parents, giving them a truly life-changing experience – and proven to work in just three nights. Her program offers a calm, committed and consistent approach to sleep training for all families in need of the Gift of Sleep.

This book contains a step-by-step guide to the Gift of Sleep program, plus modified programs tailored for different age groups, worksheets, meal guides, case studies and FAQs – in short, everything you need to get your baby to learn to self-settle and sleep all night, every night.