Million Dollar Maths

Million Dollar Maths is an invaluable guide to the straightforward and outlandish mathematical strategies that can make you rich.

How can you turn $1000 into $1 million?
What is the best way to beat the lottery odds?
When is the best time to take out a loan?
How did one group of gamblers bet on hole-in-ones to win £500,000?
How can maths help you set up a successful tech start-up?
What about proving the Goldbach Conjecture for $1 million?

Learn the techniques for growing your everyday finances, as well as the common mistakes to avoid. Discover the skills, both fair and foul, that offer an additional edge when investing and gambling. And discover why we often misunderstand probability and statistics – with troubling financial costs.

From making the most of special offers to utilising the power of exponential growth in your investments; from the art of card counting, to inventing the next Google, Million Dollar Maths is the quintessential primer to the myriad ways maths and finance intersect.