This is a story of eleven men, eleven mysteries, eleven chapters. Threaded together they make one story, a history of not fitting in. Some of cricket history’s most fascinating what-happened-theres. Norman Dodds, kept out of the 1909 team for his “choice of a boon companion”. John McGuire, scorer of 10,000 first-grade runs but never picked for his state (he was aboriginal) Scott Muller, hounded out after two Tests – remember “can’t bowl can’t throw” and John the cameraman.

Too old, too shy, too fat, too unmasculine, wrong religion, bent arm, this will be a deeply researched and cleverly constructed story of not fitting in. It will be hotly debated and discussed in cricketing circles here and overseas (three of the eleven will be non-Aussies) and will be a genuinely unique piece of cricket history.