Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Cookbook

There is no cure for Multiple Sclerosis, but you can make a real difference by changing what you eat. Medical research increasingly shows that a diet very low in saturated fat can reduce the progression of the disease and even reverse its course in some cases.

The Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Cookbook gathers over 200 favourite recipes from people with MS from around the world. They are delicious wholefood, meat-free and dairy-free recipes for home cooks. There are recipes for all occasions, from quick and easy lunches and dinners, a variety of seafood dishes, to luxurious weekend breakfasts, special occasion cakes and holiday baking. It includes vegan and gluten-free recipes, tipsand a menu plan created by a qualified nutritionist.

The recipes in this book are healthy for the whole family. They can be beneficial for anyone with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory and auto-immune diseases.

Rewording the Brain

A guide to cryptic crosswords and how they can help increase brain power.

DA, whose crosswords appear with fiendish regularity in The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, is the scourge of cryptic crossword aficionados across Australia and has built up a fanatical following over the years.

His latest book is for people curious about cryptic crosswords and will focus heavily on the brain-benefits of cryptic crosswords and how they can be a crucial aid in helping people help themselves.