Not Just Another Book Blog

Welcome to our deep blue Atlantic world. Summer’s over and it’s back to school – or in our case, back to the business of selling wonderful books. And just as every school kid sets off for the first day of term with the still-shiny sensible shoes, six sharpened pencils and the new geometry set, we’ve done the same sort of refresh.  We’ve ditched the pencils and foregone the new shoes, and instead have this smart, still-shiny brand new website, which unlike – say a protractor – we hope you will actually use.

We now have a home page to showcase each of our imprints:

Atlantic  beautiful prize-winning fiction and smart, thought-provoking non-fiction

Corvus  the home of really good stories, romances to curl up with, thrillers to keep you up at night, and the occasional historical hero to catapult you back in time

Allen & Unwin – publisher of Samuel Johnson-winner NeuroTribes by Steve Silberman, as well as some top sport, enlightening biographies and impressive fiction, from Australia and beyond

Grove Press – The cream of Grove Press in the USA brought to you in small, perfectly-formed, choice publications, hand-picked especially for their ability to travel

Click on the logos on the top left of the page to find out more about each imprint.

Currently still in their infancy, but coming to the screen soon, we will also have dedicated author pages. The elves are working away behind the scenes, day and night, matching up metadata and cobbling together scintillating information to draw you into the world of the authors and their works.  One morning you will wake up and these will appear miraculously.  Until then, if you have specific authors you fiercely long to read about, let us know.

Coming faster, there will be features, interviews, comedy, and the occasional interpretive dance.  Well, okay, no dancing, and little comedy.  But the features and interviews are definitely happening.

In the meantime, the elves, though meticulous, will occasionally slip up and there will be a few gremlins here and there.  Do contact us if you encounter anything we could do better.