Atlantic to publish darkly comic novel ‘Consensual Hex’

11th March 2020

Atlantic Books is to publish Consensual Hex, described as My Sister, the Serial Killer meets The Craft, by Amanda Harlowe. It will be published in hardback and eBook on 8 October 2020.

When Lee, a first-year university student, is sexually assaulted by a boy on a neighbouring campus, she struggles to figure out what to do next. It’s her word against his, and something tells her he’s done this – and got away with it – many times before. She feels powerless, but that changes when she finally opens up to a favourite professor and discovers that not only does her confidant lead the Gender studies module but… she’s also a kick-ass alpha witch. Sorcery, it turns out, is one of the darker liberal arts. Lee is speedily recruited into a coven with three other classmates, and together they form a tight-knit band, helping each other balance their medieval careers with their millennial sensibilities, their wiccanism with their wokeness.

Amanda Harlowe was born in Manhattan and now lives in the Boston area. Consensual Hex is her first novel.

Amanda Harlowe says:

‘I am overjoyed for Consensual Hex to join Atlantic’s phenomenal list and to have the opportunity to work with my wonderful editor Poppy and Atlantic’s fantastic team. I am beyond grateful to Atlantic, Poppy, Lucy Cleland of Kneerim & Williams, and Ben Fowler of Abner Stein for helping me to bring the coven to readers thousands of miles away from its Northampton, MA origins.’

Poppy Mostyn-Owen, Editor, says:

What I admire so much about Amanda Harlowe, and about this book, is the ability to find levity in genuine trauma. Consensual Hex’s pages are filled with dark magic (and darker humour) – like Fight Club but with fewer men and many more spells. I am utterly thrilled to welcome its wit and provocation to Atlantic’s fiction list.’