Sarah Napthali

Sarah Napthali is a mother of two young boys who tries to apply Buddhist teachings in her daily life. Her working life has ranged from teaching English as a Second Language and corporate training, to human rights activism and interpreting. Since becoming a mother she has focussed on writing, initially for companies and later for individuals wanting to record their memoirs. She is also the author of Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children (A&U, 2007) and Buddhism for Mothers of School Children (A&U, 2009).



Full of simple tips, witticisms and positive slants, this is an easy-to-read book to aid not only in managing the expectations you have of your children, but also yourself and your partner.
Insight Magazine

Remarkable and remarkably useful... For all those mothers grappling with the inevitable problems of school-age children this is a book guaranteed, at least, to offer comfort and provide good advice.
Sydney Morning Herald

I absolutely loves this book. I loved it for its honesty, openness, frankness and tender adherence to a belief system steeped in the antithesis to indoctrination - simplicity and love.
Australian Women Online