Richard Russo

Richard Russo is the author of seven previous novels, two collections of stories, and On Helwig Street, a memoir. In 2002 he received the Pulitzer Prize for Empire Falls, which, like Nobody's Fool, was adapted to film, in a multiple-award-winning HBO miniseries. He lives in Maine.



[T]he roguish, ragtag residents of North Bath, New York, still prove a diverting lot, even if you've not previously made their acquaintance...there's never a dull moment as the tragi-farcical events gradually snowball, with lightning strikes, an escaped cobra and attempted murder along the way.
Daily Mail

A delightful return . . . to a town where dishonesty abounds, everyone misapprehends everyone else and half the citizens are half-crazy. It's a great place for a reader to visit, and it seems to be Russo's spiritual home.
New York Times

The Fool books represent an enormous achievement, creating a world as richly detailed as the one we step into each day of our lives. . . . Sully in particular emerges as one of the most credible and engaging heroes in recent American fiction.T.C. Boyle
New York Times Book Review

A madcap romp, weaving mystery, suspense and comedy in a race to the final pages.
Wall Street Journal

Richard Russo can write like Edith Wharton leavened with a touch of David Lodge
The Economist

A writer of great comedy and warmth, Russo's living proof that a book can be profound and wise without aiming straight into darkness.
USA Today

Nobody's Fool is big, funny and richly human, a garrulous book that buttonholes you in the first few pages and does not let you go... In Sully, Russo has created a character you cannot resist.
Financial Times

Like Anne Tyler, Russo is interested in how people rub along; in kindness and responsibility; in cutting slack without being asked...Russo makes an enormous job of story-telling look effortless. He is, in all the best senses of the word, a natural.
Sunday Times

A rude, comic, harsh, galloping story of four generations of small-town losers, the best literary portrait of the backwater burg since Main Street.Annie Proulx

Russo lifts a generous slice of middle America in all its flavours... Nobody's Fool is a great-hearted, unforgettable comedy in the best tradition of John Irving and Anne Tyler.

This is a novel of charm and wit, akin to the works of Alice Hoffman, Anne Tyler and Garrison Keillor.
Time Out

After a while you begin to wish you lived in Richard Russo's world.
Sunday Times

The author has never been funnier. It is a testament to Russo's skill and originality that Straight Man often seems as fresh as if it were the first of its sort.
Literary Review

Sentence by sentence Richard Russo shows that his is an eminently accomplished comic talent.
The Times

A funny and clever novel.
Times Literary Supplement