Nick Groom

Nick Groom is an academic and writer. He is Professor in English at the University of Exeter and has written widely on literature, music, and contemporary art. He is the author of a dozen books and editions, including The Forger's Shadow (2002), The Union Jack (2006), The Gothic (2012) and, most recently, The Seasons (2013). He lives on Dartmoor with his wife, two daughters, and one cat, and keeps a flock of Black Welsh Mountain sheep. When he is not writing, he can be found playing the hurdy-gurdy in local pubs.



Enterprising and challenging... engaging and interesting history - history as seen from a specific and highly appropriate vantage.Peter Ackroyd
The Times

Fascinating... works well as a potted history of Britain right back to the days when warriors carried dragon standards, and also as a pot pourri of useful trivia.James Delingpole
Mail on Sunday

'Masterly.'Julia Keay
Literary Review

Groom is an illuminating essayist in various aspects of British culture; humour and flashes of historical oddity make the book immensely readable... Groom explores this history with an unfailing inquisitiveness... Union Jack establishes itself as essential reading in the background to current debates about British identity.Mike Phillips

Vivid, fascinating and carefully researched history... Groom enters a robust, positive and wholly persuasive defence of the retention of the Union Jack as a symbol of coherence and unity in a multiracial society and what has become a federal kingdom... Bravo.Jeffrey Richards
Times Higher Education Supplement

A pertinent contribution to the enduring conversation about what it means to be British.Claire Allfree

A wonderfully exuberant book... marvellously rich... Groom's scope is formidable and this, together with the acuity of his judgements and the brio of his deployment of a vast wealth of resources, makes the work a model of cultural history for our time.Hugh Lawson-Tancred
The Liberal

FascinatingPaul Callan
Daily Express

Groom's enthusiasm is hard to resist, and his garnering of folklore and customs that, for centuries, guided life through the changing seasons bulges with fascination.John Carey
Sunday Times

Wonderful and timelyPhilip Hoare

It's no exaggeration to say that this is a volume I have been waiting for all my life... I love Nick Groom's passionate plea for us to be aware of traditional connections between human lives, the seasons and the natural world. He provides a cornucopia of knowledge, and an inspirational call to awareness... This is a rich celebration of traditions and a plea for them not to be forgotten.Bel Mooney
Daily Mail

Beguiling... Unexpectedly fascinating

Offers far more than trivia and contains details that demand to be shared.Max Liu

A heartfelt exploration of the connections between the seasons and England's traditions and folklore brims with fascinating revelations.
Readers Digest