Lynne Kelly

Lynne Kelly is an ex-science teacher who has written a number of educational textbooks. She has written a novel for Lothian and two popular science books for Allen & Unwin: Skeptic's Guide to the Paranormal and Crocodile.



Dr Kelly has developed an intriguing and highly original account of the purpose of Stonehenge, Avebury and other stone monuments; the depth and breadth of her research, and the experimental experience she has brought to her study, command respect and invite serious attention.Ros Cleal, author of STONEHENGE IN ITS LANDSCAPE

This is an exquisite thesis. Dr Lynne Kelly provides a perfectly rational explanation of ancient monuments as "memory spaces" where non-literate man could memorise pragmatic knowledge crucial to survival.Dominic O'Brien, World Memory Champion

Takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the past and around the world... An engaging and exciting read.Iain Davidson, Emeritus Professor, University of New England