Jonathan Glancey

Jonathan Glancey is the architecture and design editor of the Guardian. He is also a pilot. A frequent broadcaster, his books includeThe Story of Architecture and The Train: An Illustrated History.



Superbly readable.Giles Whittell
The Times

A drama that cannot help take wing. The elements still excite the imagination and raise the heart.Tom Fort
Sunday Telegraph

Eclectic and entertaining, there are plenty of chaps out there who will lap it up... It's worth celebrating the birthday [of the Spitfire], and Jonathan Glancey is clearly the man to propose the toast.Patrick Bishop
Literary Review

A wonderful bookRoland White

A wonderfully entertaining book, a rich mixture of science, social history and politics written with the verve, expertise and infectious enthusiasm we have come to expect from Glancey. Unlike the politicians and the MoD, this man knows what he is doing.Patrick Bishop
Sunday Telegraph

Takes you on a vivid tour through the history of the aircraft and the men and women who created and flew it.
Daily Express

Honestly and passionately told, this is a powerful tribute to the ingenuity of the Harrier's creators and the courage and skill of those who flew it
Good Book Guide

A thoughtful hymn to a great symbol of the analogue age... Concorde will be the standard long read on the subject for a good few years
The Times

What Jonathan Glancey likes about Concorde could probably fill several books... His history of the Anglo-French supersonic airliner is nevertheless engaging, tracing the arc of Concorde's rise in the 1970s, an unlikely triumph of engineering and international co-operation, through to its decommissioning in 2003... This is an enthusiast's book, but a good one.
Financial Times

Jonathan Glancey is eminently qualified to write a history of Concorde... He fully appreciates the aesthetics and science of aeronautical engineering, and the lucidity of his prose makes his complex subject clearly comprehensible

How welcome it is to see a specialist book from someone who can write... What might appear to be yet another book on this widely exposed aircraft is actually one very much worth reading.

Glancey skilfully tells the tale of a plane forged from a great trans-national alliance, and how it eventually fell
from sky, taking with it - perhaps temporarily - the dream of a world shrunk small by the sheer force of technology.