Elisabeth Gifford

Elisabeth Gifford grew up in a vicarage in the industrial Midlands. She studied French literature and world religions at Leeds University. She has written articles for The Times and the Independent and has a Diploma in Creative Writing from Oxford OUDCE and an MA in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway College. She is married with three children. They live in Kingston on Thames but spend as much time as possible in the Hebrides.



Secrets of the Sea House is an arresting tale of the things that haunt us. But the real pleasure in this debut novel is Elisabeth Gifford's finely wrought prose; at turns acute, delicate and fierceLiza Klaussmann, author of TIGERS IN RED WEATHER

This is a book that you'll remember, long after the last page has been turned
Daily Express

A moving novel of great sweep and depthTim Pears

Beautifully written, brilliantly observed... a wonderful and intriguing bookBarbara Erskine

Anything this good deserves the largest readership possible and we readers deserve to be treated to novels like this from time to time too; symbiosis in action
Bookbag on Secrets of the Seahouse

Gifford moves nimbly between the centuries and voices of her intriguing tale. She is a singular and poetic writerRhidian Brook, author of THE AFTERMATH on Secrets of the Seahouse

Sure to ignite an interest in sea mythology partnered with real-life ground-breaking sightings and discoveries, this is the perfect read if you're heading to a British beach this summer
Red Magazine on Secrets of the Seahouse

Fans of historical fiction, folklore and Scotland will all enjoy this wonderful debut; Gifford is a writer to watch
We Love This Book on Secrets of the Seahouse

A sweeping summer read, packed with an epic tale of loss, love and hope
Irish News on Secrets of the Seahouse