Elisabeth Davies

Hilary and Liz went to school together in the UK before their lives took very different turns.

Hilary Linstead left England for Australia at twenty-one, pursuing a man and her dream of becoming an actress. She discovered that she couldn't make a full-time living as an actress and went into business, becoming the first theatrical agent for directors and designers in Australia, representing many distinguished clients like Neil Armfield, Gillian Armstrong, Baz Luhrmann, Louis Nowra and Wendy Harmer.

Liz Davies went to Cambridge University, graduated in Economics and became a civil servant and freelance journalist. Meeting up again much later in life, the pair discovered their mutual love of travel and embarked on the series of adventures that are the subjects of this book.



A fun, fast-moving, feel-good memoir.
The Sunday Times

Talk about the Change of Life. You'll never be the same after reading this. Batty but brilliant Hilary and Liz insist we follow them to the ends of the earth. We get recipes, an intelligent travel book and a lesson in Living. These two very different old friends travelled everywhere honestly and thoughtfully. It's completely original - insightful, moving and very funny, a glorious experience proving for always, that if you seize the day and have the courage, you need never grow old.Miriam Margolyes

A gem of a light-hearted real-life read.
Western Daily Press (Press Association review)