Edgar Snow

Edgar Snow, a native of Missouri, went to the Far East when he was twenty-two. He made his home in China for twelve years, studied the country and the language and lectured at Yenching University in Peking, where his friends included students who are among China's leaders today. As a foreign correspondent in China, Burma, India and Indochina, he worked successively for the Chicago Tribune, New York Sun, New York Herald Tribune and London Daily Herald. Then, as associate editor of the Saturday Evening Post, he reported wartime and postwar events in Asia and Europe and became its widely quoted specialist on China, India and the U.S.S.R. He is the author of eleven books, including The Battle for Asia, People on Our Side, Journey to the Beginning, Red China Today: The Other Side of the River and The Long Revolution. He died in 1972.



The remarkable thing about Red Star Over China was that it not only gave the first connected history of Mao and his colleagues and where they had come from, but it also gave a prospect of the future... This book has stood the test of time on both these counts - as a historical record and as an indication of a trend.From the Introduction by John K. Fairbank

It truly was a book that shook the world.
China Daily

Irreplaceable... by far the most important single source regarding [Mao's] lifeStuart R. Schram

Scoop of the century
Foreign Affairs