Dan Lyons

Dan Lyons is a novelist, journalist, and screenwriter. He is currently a co-producer and writer for the HBO series Silicon Valley. Previously, Lyons was technology editor at Newsweek and the creator of the groundbreaking viral blog "The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs" (AKA "Fake Steve Jobs").



Lyons finds the right company, if only for the raw material that he, a seasoned satirist, spins into gold... But the book is not just a chronicle of the tech bubble's silly quirks... Lyons uses the lens of his growing disillusionment to focus on a broader critique of Silicon Valley.
Financial Times

'Simultaneously hilarious and terrifying'
LA Times

Wildly entertaining... Disrupted explores the ways in which many technology companies have come to fool the public and themselves. Lyons has injected a dose of sanity into a world gone mad.

Ashlee Vance, Sunday Times bestselling author of Elon Musk

'Laugh-out-loud funny.'

Fun, compulsively readable and just might tell us something important about the hypocrisy and cult-like fervor inside today's technology giants.Brad Stone, Author of The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

Scathingly funny . . . Like the show Silicon Valley, Disrupted nails the workings of spastic, hypocritical, delusional tech culture.
New York Post

'A hugely entertaining insider view of the vainglorious world of tech, yet it is also an important rumination on the values of our age.'
Irish Times

'This humorous and well-crafted memoir is part of a proud literary tradition: the disgruntled ex-employee tell-all.'
Harvard Business Review

Dan Lyons goes deep inside a company that uses terms like 'world class marketing thought leaders' to show us how ridiculous, wasteful, and infantile tech start-ups like this can be. And best of all, Lyons does this with his trademark pejorative and hilarious tone.Author of Hatching Twitter