Annick Cojean

Annick Cojean, foreign correspondent for Le Monde, is one of France's most widely admired journalists. She chairs the committee for the Prix Albert Londres, having won the prize herself in 1996, and has published a number of books.



Gaddafi's political excesses have been well documented. His sexual crimes are only now coming to light. By sharing his victims' stories, Annick Cojean, a reporter for Le Monde, opens the floodgates. Her account of a sex-obsessed tyrant exposes the full extent of Gaddafi's brutality.
The Independent on Sunday

An astonishing book...I challenge anyone to read this book and sleep easy in their own bed as the world stands by and dictators in places such as Syria and Zimbabwe continue to inflict untold horrors on their people.
The Sunday Times

This is a grim book in many ways, but the story is important.
The Independent

An incredibly brave new book... Every chapter has a sting, every woman's sorrow singes.
The Hindu