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Grace Grows Playlist

Grace Grows is no typical love story. There is a special playlist of the songs Grace & Ty fall in love to and even an original soundtrack!

Listen here to the playlist of their songs, maybe while reading an extract of the book!

Shelle Sumners' husband Lee Morgan has written and recorded a soundtrack of songs - all performed by Ty in the book - and you can listen to them on her website. Or you can watch Lee performing them here.




Like many young women, Grace Barnum's life is a precarious mix of sensible choices and uncomfortable compromise. She dutifully edits children's textbooks that she fears may be more harmful than helpful. She is engaged to a patent attorney with whom she has a reliable relationship. She's wary of her fascinating father, a renowned New York painter, and she prefers her mother slightly drunk.

Always organised, always a planner, Grace carries her life around in a handbag - that is, until the responsibility-challenged Tyler Wilkie shows up, with his warm eyes and a smile that makes Grace drop things. Worst of all, he writes tender, loving, devastating songs - about her.

Tyler reaches something in Grace, something she needs, but can't admit to. Something she wants, but won't succumb to. Falling in love with him would ruin everything. And yet...