The Tyrant's Shadow

Antonia Senior

RRP: £17.99

6 April 2017

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781782396611

RRP: £4.99

6 April 2017

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781782396628

A court without a kingdom, a kingdom without a king…

England, 1652: since Charles I’s execution the land has remained untethered, the people longing for change. When Patience Johnson meets preacher Sidrach Simmonds, she believes her destiny is to become his wife and help him spread the Lord’s word. Simmonds sees things quite differently.

Patience’s brother Will has been bestowed the job of lawyer to Oliver Cromwell. Tasked with aiding England’s most powerful man, he must try to overcome his grief after the loss of his wife. Then Sam Challoner, Will’s brother-in-law, returns unannounced after years in exile, forcing Will and Patience to question their loyalties: one to a ruler, the other, a spouse. Who do they choose to save? Themselves, their loved ones or their country…


There are echoes of The Miniaturist in The Tyrant's Shadow... a gripping journey that twists and turns to the very final page. This is refined historical fiction at its very best.Elizabeth Fremantle

An extraordinarily good historical novel by an author at the top of her game... If there's any justice in the world, it should be a bestseller.Andrew Taylor

Fresh and fearless historical fiction set in a fascinating era. And featuring top swearing. Loved it.Anna Mazzola

A satisfying tale of romance, politics and old-fashioned adventure.
Sunday Times (Ireland)

A terrific read... confidently written
Daily Mail

Compulsively page-turning and highly recommendedThe Historical Novels review/Historical Novel Society

[Senior's] vivid characters [capture] this chaotic era with a lively sense of how it must have felt to those living through it
The Times

Compulsively page-turning and highly recommendedHistorical Novels Review