The Rise of the Outsiders

Steve Richards

RRP: £12.99

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781786491428

RRP: £18.99

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781786492012

RRP: £10.99

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781786491435

Something strange has been happening. All over the World, people are angry and rejecting the establishment like never before. Britain votes Brexit. Trump promises walls in America. Corbyn promises a new socialism in the UK. Tsipras in Greece. Podemos in Spain. Marine Le Pen in France. Norbert Hofer in Austria. The list goes on. Why has the mainstream lost support? Why are the outsiders flourishing on far left and far right? Do they have the answers to our problems?

In this landmark book, political journalist Steve Richards provides a captivating account of the defining political phenomenon of this decade. Telling the riveting story of how eccentrics, ideologues, and strong men are breaking the political rules, he asks why they’re gaining support and examines the frightening implications of this new global rise in anti-establishment sentiment. Are we approaching a new age of populism, where democracy is eroded?

The Rise of the Outsiders tackles all of these questions and more. Exploring how and if the mainstream can regain voters’ trust, this is a book that no politically engaged reader can afford to miss.


Steve Richards is quite simply one of the best in the business.John Kampfner

Easily one of our best commentators.David Aaronovich