Eleven Hours

Pamela Erens

RRP: £8.99

2 March 2017

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781782399810

RRP: £12.99

7 July 2016

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781782399797

RRP: £5.99

7 July 2016

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781782399803

‘An immensely powerful, cannot-look-away novel of heart and bone and muscle and blood. The war novel has a rival… and it is breath-taking.’ The Herald

Lore arrives at the hospital alone: no husband, no partner, no friends. She is in labour. Franckline, a nurse in the maternity ward, herself newly pregnant, is assigned to her care. Over the spiralling course of eleven hours, the women are thrown together into a fierce, physical intimacy, and they begin to force one another to reckon with their pasts and their futures. Lore must disentangle herself from a love triangle; Franckline must move beyond deep traumas; both must prepare themselves for the fear, joy, anguish and awe of motherhood.


She writes like a dream - deeply moving and utterly involving.Deborah Moggach

Erens beautifully evokes [labour's] insistent rhythms and protective deliriums... she has also written an indelible portrait of two women coming to terms with the desire, fear, crushing losses and fragile joys that have carved their lives
New York Times Book Review

I've given birth 5 times and Erens' opening sentence put me straight back in one of those little hospital rooms where personal autonomy is lost by degrees - what a beautifully written and powerful novel, and what a terrifying and moving climax.Carys Bray, author of A SONG FOR ISSY BRADLEY

Erens evokes the layered experience of living in a body - its tides of memory, sensation, and emotion - like no other writer I know.Karen Russell, author of SWAMPLANDIA!

Pamela Erens has given us a vital, microcosmic, fundamental, riveting, distilled illumination of our most profound and misunderstood passage... As essential a novel as they come.Elisa Albert, author of AFTER BIRTH

Pamela Erens achieves the extraordinary... a visceral story about an intensely painful experience that manages to be an intense pleasure to read.
Boston Globe

Erens is such a gifted writer that... from the first sentence [she] seizes control of her intense, provocative and deeply rewarding high-wire act of a book.
LA Times

Erens'... writing is candid without being sensational, detailed without being clinical... [An] admirable novel.
Wall Street Journal

Pamela Erens [is] one of the most gifted fiction writers we have. This exploration of a woman's time in labor is at once gritty and graceful, harrowing and compassionate... Bravo!Robin Black, author of LIFE DRAWING

Deeply moving and radiantly written, Eleven Hours is a gorgeous, harrowing, and intensely urgent novel. Pamela Erens is a mesmerizingly smart and powerful writer - I can't stop thinking about this book.Molly Antopol, author of THE UNAMERICANS

Eleven Hours is taut, spare and gorgeous...Roxana Robinson, author of SPARTA

This precisely written novel vividly evokes the immediacy, the tedium, the pain and the terror of labour. Erens' compassion for her characters - the medics as well as their patients - draws the reader close into their lives, in the way that only really good writing can do.Jane Rogers, author of THE TESTAMENT OF JESSIE LAMB

[With] exquisite prose... this novel's greatest achievement is its excruciatingly vivid depiction of what it is to grow and carry and deliver a child... Powerful-aesthetically and viscerally.

Erens flawlessly captures the experience of childbirth in Eleven Hours - the fear, the surprise, the other-worldly pain.
Chicago Review of Books

The book is fierce and vivid in its depiction of the exhaustion of the spirit and the rending of the flesh during childbirth... a tough and emotionally authentic story.

Extremely compelling... surprising and intimate. Bottom line: Women are

This is an immensely powerful, cannot-look-away novel of heart and bone and muscle and blood. The war novel has a rival, and it is breathtaking.
Scotland Herald