Bream Gives Me Hiccups

Jesse Eisenberg

RRP: £8.99

2 June 2016

Published by Grove Press

ISBN: 9781611855494

RRP: £8.49

10 September 2015

Published by Grove Press

ISBN: 9781611859720

Bream Gives Me Hiccups: And Other Stories is the whip-smart fiction debut of Academy Award-nominated actor and star of The Social Network, Jesse Eisenberg. Known for his iconic film roles but also for his regular pieces in the New Yorker and his two critically acclaimed plays, Eisenberg is an emerging voice in fiction.

Taking its title from a group of stories that begin the book, Bream Gives Me Hiccups moves from contemporary L.A. to the dormrooms of an American college to ancient Pompeii, throwing the reader into a universe of social misfits, reimagined scenes from history, and ridiculous overreactions.

United by Eisenberg’s gift for humour and character, and grouped into chapters that each open with an illustration by award-winning cartoonist Jean Jullien, the witty pieces collected in Bream Gives Me Hiccups explore what it means to navigate the modern world, and mark the arrival of a fantastically funny, self-ironic, witty and original voice.


These short stories are all wonderfully original... funny and heartbreaking - sometimes in the same sentence... Terrific.
The Times

This collection is sharp, funny and also nerdy... Measured, cute and winning. Eisenberg navigates the insanities of modern life with self-deprecation and perfectly pitched irony.
Daily Mail

Satirical, compassionate - and full of shrinks.

Witty... undeniably smart and fun.

His debut collection of stories blends playfulness with whimsy.

Eisenberg's humour is knowing, sardonic, wisecracking.
The Daily Telegraph

A witty writer.

Sharp, funny and also nerdy... measured, cute and winning, Eisenberg navigates the insanities of modern life with self-deprecation and perfectly pitched irony.
Daily Mail

He sure can act, and boy, can he write... Well observed, friskily written and a hoot.

Eisenberg continues to deliver both considered humour and intelligent, conversational prose... a charming and clever collection.

The latest literary star in the making is The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg.
New York Observer

Enter Mr. Eisenberg, whose same jittery on-screen energy seeps into the pages of this book.
The Wall Street Journal

Tell your "Social Network!" The actor is writing a book. Move over, James Franco - Jesse Eisenberg is the newest young thespian to enter the writing ring.
USA Today

Eisenberg is truly a talented writer. Hilarious and poignant.
Entertainment Weekly

It is when he writes more and jokes less that Eisenberg's prose really sings, leading you to hope he takes the plunge and writes a proper novel soon. But his thoroughly enjoyable debut will more than do for now.

Brilliantly witty, deeply intelligent, and just plain hilarious...Sherman Alexie

A remarkable book by an immensely talented writer.Andy Borowitz

Jesse Eisenberg writes with formidable intellect and verbal dexterity... You'll want to give his debut collection 2000 out of 2000 stars.Teddy Wayne

I've been a fan of Jesse Eisenberg's plays for years and his prose is just as winning... Hilarious, poignant and at times so self-deprecating it makes me want to give Jesse a hug. He's taken decades of neurosis and spun it into comedy gold.Simon Rich

Jesse Eisenberg is a deeply original comic voice. These stories are about the funniness, sadness, and strangeness of everyday life and they really made me laugh.
Roz Chast

Jesse Eisenberg's hysterical and exciting stories... Capture the ridiculous, inappropriate and tender relationships between single mothers and their children with an honesty that will bring tears of laughter to your eyes.
Heather O'Neill

Eisenberg has a great command of language... Skilfully plotted and both funny and moving.
Jewish Chronicle

Eisenberg writes with lancing wit about social misfits who are, perhaps, less insane than the worlds around them.
Sydney Morning Herald