All of Us and Everything

Bridget Asher

RRP: £7.99

1 June 2017

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781782399445

RRP: £4.99

24 November 2015

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781782399438

Esme: eldest child, control-freak, perfect wife. In fact, her husband has run off with his dentist and their teenage daughter is live-tweeting the entire mess to her 3,000 followers.

Liv: middle child, fiancé stealer, squatter. Holed up in her ex-husband’s apartment with her acupuncturist and a bottle of whiskey.

Ru: youngest child, writer, runaway. Hopes to find inspiration for her second novel whilst fleeing her fiancé.

One-by-one the siblings return to the family home, where a box of old letters awaits them containing the answer to the mystery they have all lived with, until now: who was their father, and why the hell did he disappear?


Similar to Nick Hornby... Asher's novel rewards readers with an engrossing plot rich in witty and frank dark humor... Thoughtful and provoking.

Asher's newest title spotlights her unique voice plus an affinity for quirky, wounded characters that are both realistic and likeable... An entertaining yet astute look at family, self, story and connections.

The Rockwell siblings... won me over completely, and their story twists and turns in such fascinating, hilarious, heartfelt ways, that it left me in awe of Asher's abilities.Kevin Wilson, author of The Family Fang