Chung Kuo: The Epic Begins

Chung Kuo: The Epic Begins
RRP: £3.99 Published by: Corvus
Size(mm): Other Published: 04 Jul 2013
Pages: ISBN: 9781782391555
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The Middle Kingdom
The year is 2196. The Minister of the Edict - an official responsible for licensing all technology that could lead to Change - has been assassinated, and the great Empire of Ice, Chung Kuo, has finally been shaken after more than a century of brutally-enforced peace. Amid the chaos, the rebels seize the opportunity to affect Change. But the assassination was orchestrated far closer to home, leading them all into dangerous chain of betrayal and deceit that will plunge them all into the world-shattering War of Two Directions.
Ice and Fire
Spring 2201 - Spring 2203. The T'ang who make up the ruling Seven are struggling to maintain stasis and prevent Change as the war is fought within the levels of their great world-spanning city - a war fought with bombs and betrayals, brutal assassinations and sly poisonings. As the pressure mounts, a document is discovered by the Dispertionists that charts the true history of the world, and apparently its not exactly what the Ministry have told them...

About the author

David Wingrove is the Hugo Award-winning co-author (with Brian Aldiss) of The Trillion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction. He is also the co-author of the first three MYST books - novelisations of one of the world's bestselling computer games. He lives in north London with his wife and four daughters.