Seeing Red

Lina Meruane

‘A scorching examination of how being utterly dependent on someone – even someone you love – can make you a monster’ Literary Hub, 13 Translated Books by Women You Need to Read Lucina, a young Chilean writer, has moved to New York to pursue an academic career. While at a party one night, something that her doctors had long warned might happen finally occurs: her eyes haemorrhage. Within minutes, blood floods her vision, reducing her sight to sketched outlines and tones of grey, rendering her all but blind. As she begins to adjust to a very different life, those who love her begin to adjust to …


Corvus bags ‘compulsive’ thriller in ‘fiercely fought’ auction

1 August 2017

Corvus has acquired the rights to Jar of Hearts, and a second untitled novel, by Jennifer Hillier in a hotly contested and fiercely fought auction. A chillingly compelling tale of murder, betrayal and the terrible secrets of the past that live on despite all attempts to silence them, Jar of Hearts focuses on the fall-out from a single night, 20 years before the story starts… Geo’s world has come crashing down; Calvin, her ex-boyfriend, has been revealed as the deadly serial killer the Sweetbay Strangler. Geo is convicted, devastatingly, of helping him to cover up a long-unsolved murder – that …