The Lies of the Land

Adam Macqueen

Trust in our politicians is at an all-time low. We’re in a “post-truth” era, where feelings trump facts, and where brazen rhetoric beats honesty. But do politicians lie more than they used to? And do we even want them to tell the truth? In a history full of wit and political acumen, Private Eye journalist Adam Macqueen dissects the gripping stories of the biggest political lies of the last half century, from the Profumo affair to Blair’s WMDs to Boris Johnson’s £350 million for the NHS. Covering lesser known whoppers, infamous lies from foreign shores (“I did not have sexual relations with tha …


The Future of New Writing: Freeman’s new issue is announced

19 September 2017

Writing in Literary Hub, John Freeman has today announced the 29-strong lineup for the new edition of Freeman’s, entitled The Future of New Writing, which features a global list of poets, fiction writers and essayists whose work boldly paves the way of the future. In three issues, the literary anthology from leading editor and literary critic John Freeman has gained an international following and wide acclaim: ‘fresh, provocative, engrossing’ (, ‘impressively diverse’ (O Magazine), ‘bold, searching’ (Minneapolis Star-Tribune). Freeman’s: The Future of New Writing departs from the serie …