Rick Edwards

Can we resurrect dinosaurs, Jurassic Park-style? Are we living in The Matrix’s digital simulation? Do aliens with acid blood exist somewhere in the universe? Will we ever go back and visit 1955? And just why were the original Planet of the Ape movies so terrible? In Science(ish), Rick Edwards and Dr Michael Brooks confront all the questions that your favourite movies provoke. Inspired by their award-winning podcast, this popular (hopefully) science (definitely) book dedicates each chapter to a different sci-fi classic, and wittily explores the fascinating issues that arise. Covering movies fro …


Atlantic partners with Ipsos for ‘The Perils of Perception’

19 October 2017

Atlantic Books has agreed a new corporate partnership with research giant Ipsos to produce a range of new titles exploring global beliefs and attitudes. The first title in the series will be The Perils of Perception: Why We Get Nearly Everything Wrong by Bobby Duffy (publishing in hardback, September 2018). The book examines why we misperceive basic facts about the world and is informed by the annual ‘Perils of Perception’ survey for Ipsos which has been carried out in over 40 countries since 2013. The project explores just how wrong we are about key social realities – from how healthy and hap …