Don't Close Your Eyes

Holly Seddon

Robin and Sarah weren’t the closest of twins. They weren’t even that similar. But they loved each other dearly. Until, in the cruellest of domestic twists, they were taken from one another. Now, in her early 30s, Robin lives alone. Agoraphobic and suffering from panic attacks, she spends her days pacing the rooms of her house. The rest of the time she watches – watches the street, the houses, the neighbours. Until one day, she sees something she shouldn’t…And Sarah? Sarah got what she wanted – the good-looking man, the beautiful baby, the perfect home. But she’s just been accused of the most …


Dyer and McInnes triumph at the Society of Authors’ annual awards

21 June 2017

Atlantic authors David Dyer and Martin McInnes both received prestigious prizes at last night’s Society of Authors’ awards ceremony. David Dyer was awarded the £4,000 McKitterick Prize (given to an author over the age of 40 for a debut novel) for The Midnight Watch. The novel was hailed by the judges as “an extraordinarily compelling exploration of guilt and responsibility”. Meanwhile Martin McInnes received the £5,000 Somerset Maugham Award (designed to help young writers under 35 to enrich their work through foreign travel) for Infinite Ground, in which the author is said to “draw us into an …