Mail Men

Adrian Addison

Perhaps because of the power and fear that the Daily Mail commands, this is the very first book to provide an unauthorized account of the newspaper with more global readers than any other. With a gripping personality-led narrative, informed by well-placed sources, Mail Men investigates the secret behind the Mail’s extraordinary longevity and commercial success, from its first edition on 4 May 1896, to its global MailOnline website today. But, it also examines the controversies that have beset the paper – from its owner’s flirtation with fascism in the 1930s to its fractious relationship with l …


Remembering Jim Harrison and Legends of the Fall

23 March 2017

Today, on the anniversary of Jim Harrison’s death, Grove Press publishes his seminal collection of novellas, Legends of the Fall. One of the giants of the last half-century of American letters, Jim Harrison was the author of 39 books of fiction, poetry and essays. His voice came from the American heartland and his deep and abiding love of the American landscape runs through his extraordinary body of work. Legends of the Fall is Harrison at his most memorable: a striking collection of novellas written with exceptional brilliance and a ferocious love of life. The title novella, ‘Legends of the F …